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Chop Shop to Open a New Location: Chop Shop Kitchen

Chop Shop to Open a New Location: Chop Shop Kitchen

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Chop Shop Kitchen will be the new Flatiron branch of the casual Pan-Asian restaurant in West Chelsea

We can’t wait to see what Chop Shop Kitchen has in store.

From the people who brought you the casual and approachable pan-Asian cuisine of Chop Shop comes Chop Shop Kitchen. The Daily Meal has the exclusive on this Flatiron branch of the original Chop Shop in Chelsea, which will be located at 41 West 24th Street in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood.

We spoke with Chop Shop co-owner Danny Emerman about the new restaurant, but he stayed mum on the topic, only confirming that he just signed a lease with GRJ LLC at the West Chelsea address, and that they plan on opening the new concept in spring 2015. Since Chop Shop Kitchen will be located so close to the original Chop Shop, it most likely will not be just another location of the same restaurant, and may offer different, complementary cuisine. We seriously hope that Chop Shop’s spicy drunken noodles make an appearance on Chop Shop Kitchen’s menu, though.

Chop Shop Kitchen would complete Emerman’s Chelsea/Flatiron area restaurant trifecta. Danny Emerman and the team at Chop Shop also own Bottino, a boutique Tuscan restaurant, in Chelsea.

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter@JoannaFantozzi

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